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Ocean Pearl x DAO

All infos about the current funding round of the Ocean Dao.

Funding Round

Round 20

Amount proposals

17 projects

Next round submission ends

in 21 days

Voting next round

in 23 days

Total Amount

112,723 USD

Total Votes

17,261,917 OCEAN

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Open DAO proposals

These projects are currently waiting or applying for a DAO funding.

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Pearl space

These are the main features of ocean pearl.

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Ocean Pearl is all about community. Help us build this vision!

Meet the crew on discord

Our main communication platform right now is discord. If you want to get in closer touch with us, just find us here and come on board.


Write an issue on github

Submit your latest ideas and inspirations via writing an issue on our github repo. We will be happy about any input you got for us.